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Los Angeles Friendship Center Memorial Service Procedure

(To be given upon receipt of request to hold the memorial service at LAFC)


Memorial services may be held at LAFC, but funerals, defined here as ceremonies with the remains of the deceased (either casket or ashes), may not be held at LAFC.  If it is desired that the remains of the deceased be included, then the service should not be held at an SGI-USA facility.  Another appropriate location should be found.  

A memorial service is normally held after the funeral, usually on a different day, but this is not required.  A memorial service may be held at any time when it is convenient for family and friends to gather.   The officiant must be an SGI-USA leader at the chapter or higher level (from any division, including vice leaders).  Even though a memorial service is a private event, non-members or members not in good standing should not be presiding over any events at our facilities.

1. Requesting to use LAFC for a Memorial Service

          a. Fee

          There is no fee for using the LAFC for a Memorial Service


          b. Arrangements & Confirmation

          c. Volunteer Support

          Per guidelines with our SGI-USA in-person activities held at our centers, a minimum of two Gajokai will            be required to host a Memorial Service.  It is recommended to also have sufficient Byakuren and Soka              Group support.  However, these volunteers are not responsible for supporting the Memorial                                Service program itself.  Coordinators should make separate arrangements for any volunteer support                needed for the program such as incense offerings, AV, etc.


          d. Flowers, Decorations, and Clean-up

          Specific room set-up, flower delivery, decorations, etc. are the responsibility of the coordinators

          and should be approved ahead of time with the LAFC staff. the facility should be cleaned up and

          restored to its previous condition immediately following the conclusion of the Memorial Service. Please

          designate a responsible person to ensure the cleanup process. 


2. Items Provided By LAFC for Memorial Services


     The following items will be provided by the LAFC for all Memorial Services—

          a. Tables.

          b. Incense burners.

          c. Charcoal and powdered incense for offering.

3. Requirements for SGI-USA Memorial Services

          a. The Memorial Service should last for no more than 90 minutes in total.


          b. Prior to the starting the program, the emcee should explain the Memorial Service to those in attendance, including a description of the incense offering and requesting those in attendance not to take any pictures or video recordings of the Gohonzon when the altar is open.

          c. Family members of the deceased are normally seated in the front and are the first to offer incense for the deceased.

         d. The following are minimum requirements for an SGI-USA Memorial Service:

                -Recitation of the Sutra and chanting of daimoku for a length of time deemed appropriate by the


               -Individual offering of incense (everyone invited to participate) together with their sincere prayers

                  for the deceased. 

               -Words by the officiating SGI-USA leader

          e. Optional elements.  These may be added to the program if desired:

               -Eulogy or words of remembrance by a representative family member

               -Photo slide show or video remembrance

               -Musical performance(s)

               -Personal remembrances by attendees

               -Reading of condolence message(s) from those not able to attend in person

4. No Post-Memorial Service Receptions at LAFC

     Reception-style gatherings following the Memorial Service (e.g., toast to the deceased, food or snacks,

     etc.) are not to be held at the LAFC.  Please speak with the LAFC staff if any questions.

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